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The SmartaFarm Portal offers a user-friendly, informative interface that is easy to navigate and is optimized for efficiency. The portal is entirely cloud-based and secure, allowing easy access from anywhere and any device!

With detailed metrics, reports and analytics as well as the ability to easily setup and customize alerts – your on farm monitoring has never been easier!

About Us

The development, production and implementation of new ideas is often a complex logistical nightmare. Coordinating different suppliers and contractors can be a headache and lead to serious problems later on. At smarta industrial we take care of everything from design, to implementation, to technical support. We bring ideas to life, whilst ensuring every detail has been attended to.

Our business model provides world-class software and hardware as a service with end to end installation, maintenance, and support. Our technology is incredibly advanced and is in constant development. We want to ensure that we are always providing the very best solution in the market.

Unbeatable Customer Experience

Everything from our UX to our customer support is second-to-none. We have developed every aspect of each portal, product and process with the end user in mind. Our technology may be advanced and world-class but our customer service is impeccable. We look forward to working with you and your team to provide the best solution on the market.

Data visibility like never before

SmartaFarm not only collects an unparalleled amount of data, but it also presents the data in functional reports that provide new levels of insight into your product quality, operations and eciency. Data is also presented in graphical form, customized to your needs. Take a look at our graph below showing an example of the weather station timeline from the portal. Cooling curves, heat exchange graphs, vat capacities and milk production charts.
You name it, SmartaFarm can measure it! All of our data updates in real time and provides interactive graphs with easy to follow data presentation.

The Benefits

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